Andrea Waines is a Canadian silver jewellery designer that handcrafts each and every piece of her designs. From a young age she has always been fascinated by beads, jewels and precious metals. It was not until Andrea was in her 20′s that she realized her dream of making a living from designing jewellery.

Growing up in Yukon, in Canada’s north, Andrea’s life was memorable and interesting. Whether it was camping in the Yukon wilderness, working in the family café, or running with Mukluk (one of the family’s huskies), Andrea has been influenced by her experiences in the Yukon. Many of her skills were learned and influenced north of 60 degrees.

It was not too many years later that Andrea gave up her university studies of Business Management and Art History to follow her dream of designing jewellery. Leading a life of daytime jewellery designing, in her apartment, and evenings serving tables at several restaurants, Andrea juggled her jobs until her jewellery consumed most of her time and a leap of faith was needed.

The result of her determination is the formation of Andrea Waines Jewellery. As her designs evolved, Andrea focused her creative energy to what inspired her the most – inspirational quotes and words. As these designs have been discovered by many, the individual stories of the reasons people buy her jewellery started to become known to Andrea. These stories continue to inspire her.

Currently Andrea’s new challenge is to keep inspiring her inquisitive and energetic young boys, to show more appreciation to her assistant extraordinaire (a.k.a. husband), and to keep their hectic family life as simple as possible.

Some days the goals have to be small…like collecting little pebbles and fall leaves!